Save time, make better decisions, get better results

Easily manage and automate analytics, attribution, and routing operations with RedTrack.

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    Auto-cost updates

    Real-time data to make better decisions.

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    Ads Manager

    Manage Facebook and TikTok campaigns from Redtrack UI.

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    Automation rules

    Let AI handle routine tasks. Focus on the creative and strategic part of your job.

Auto-cost updates

Every RedTrack subscription comes with 30 min API-based cost update frequency up to the ad level. You have accurate and timely spending and ROI data that drives efficient campaign optimization decisions. You can always upgrade to 15 or 5-min cost update frequencies at a fixed monthly or annual price for the predictable cost of ownership.

Receive ad cost updates as frequent as possible

Automation rules

All RedTrack subscriptions come with Pause & Restart Rules to automate simple ad waste prevention actions. Stop rules cover 20+ ad networks, including FB, TT, Google, and more, allowing to stop campaigns, ad sets, ads, and placements that waste the budget, based on predefined KPIs.

No more ad spend waste with RedTrack

Ads Manager

Time is your and your team's major resource. Switching between multiple FB accounts following all the protocols is a chore. If you manage hundreds of ads spanning across multiple ad accounts — you know you need it. Pausing or resuming an ad set or ad right here right now in RedTrack’s Ads Manager VS logging into the account and searching for it saves hours. Save time and reduce errors by managing your ads from the RedTrack UI.

Boost revenue with scaling superpower

How can RedTrack help me?

  • Ad spend sync 30, 15, 5 minutes

  • AI assisted revenue attribution

  • Advanced integration with major ad networks

  • Automated Rules & Auto-optimization

  • Ads Manager as part of UI

  • Customizable reports with granular breakdowns

  • Team workspace with permission-based access

  • Single platform to track & scale