All your campaigns.
One ad tracking tool.

Multiple tracking modes and built-in cost API updates. Native support for your data-driven campaign optimization decisions.

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    No ridiculous handicaps

    25 active campaigns or API cost updates without upgrades? Yes, you can have it.

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    200+ templates and integration

    Make set-up easy with a wide range of built-in integrations.

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    Tools made for affiliates

    We are made for media-buyers. Features like LP protect to address custom needs.

Save time and achieve better results with RedTrack

All clicks in one place

Redirect, no-redirect, pop-up, hidden refer, multi-step funnels, 10k a month or 100M a day. We can capture, process, store, and redirect your clicks worldwide. RedTrack is a SaaS solution that runs from the private cloud stretched across the world.

Track & attribute every channel

All conversions are attributed

FB IOS traffic or YT wbraid? Yes, we track and send conversions back. Yes, they are attributed. Search traffic arbitrage or call tracking? Here you are. 20 custom conversion types with multiple postback modes and conversion matching to your ad networks allow you to keep conversions attributed, data organized, and reports easy to consume.

Track every step of the funnel.

All logs are available

RedTrack is a tool. Data is your asset. You can see conversions being added in real time. You can export logs to CSV or upload to the cloud and power in-house BI. Maybe check the postbacks you send to your partners? Or use logs as the ultimate source of truth and check that RedTrack has sent all conversions to FB and that costs are indeed updated every 5 minutes on the ad level.

Conversion API

User-friendly, not revenue-hungry.

RedTrack subscriptions have all essential features added from the start. From active campaigns to 30-min API cost updates. And you do not have to study the pricing with a detective to uncover hidden costs. Need to have 25 Pause Rules to prevent ad waste across 100 active campaigns — it's right there in the entry plan. Yes, we have paid add-ons, but hey, they provide a lot of extra value and come with a fixed cost, not %% of your ad spend

Conversion API

How can RedTrack help me?

  • Ad spend sync 30, 15, 5 minutes

  • AI assisted revenue attribution

  • Advanced integration with major ad networks

  • Automated Rules & Auto-optimization

  • Ads Manager as part of UI

  • Customizable reports with granular breakdowns

  • Team workspace with permission-based access

  • Single platform to track & scale