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One Platform To Consolidate All Media Buying Activities.

The industry-leading ad tracking and conversion attribution solution trusted by media buyers and affiliate marketers to increase efficiency and revenue.

Analyze perfomance

Analyze & optimize real-time

Get accurate data for each impression, click, and conversion in real-time. Save hours of manual work and turn insights into actions with campaign automation rules and alerts.

Get accurate data

Attribute all conversion events

Improve conversion rates by having full transparency into when conversion happens for each and every customer. Optimize different conversion points and funnel stages to drive the highest return on ad spend.

Connect your team

Collaborate & share results

Connect your team within one platform, and save hours with shared views and reports for peers, partners, and customers. Set access right to different sections of the account and show only the data you want to share.

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Why Independent Media-buyers And Companies Choose RedTrack

Feature reach ad tracker with amazing support

RedTrack has super-fast and professional support. Not only the support team comes to help, but when the issue or requests are non-standard, developers join the conversation as well. This gives me a feeling of security and makes me believe that my tasks are taken care of. <...> I pick RedTrack whenever I need to: - Stitch complex funnels together (i.e. track inbound and outbound traffic on portals) - Postback conversions to Facebook, Google Ads, and Bing Ads as RedTrack has a direct API integration with these ad networks.

Alexander P., CEO

A user-friendly tracking platform

RedTrack is a very user-friendly tracking platform. I love how easy it is to navigate through the platform. The support team is excellent and super diligent when setting up your campaigns. I have worked with Karina and she has given me stellar support, answering all my questions and concerns. Our traffic sources are now organized, we're able to track and see how they are all performing in one place. I'm saving quite a bit of time by having everything consolidated in one place.

Viviana R, Marketing Director

An Honest Tracker Review

I have used many trackers over the past 5 years of running Native, Pop and Facebook traffic and I have to say I was really impressed with RedTrack platform. Not only there was all the functionality I wanted and needed, but it was priced right. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or running a ton of traffic you will be very happily surprised with their system. On top of that their support has been amazing (better than any other platform I have been on).

Jesse Schwarz

Reliable ad tracking partner

We've been partnering with RedTrack for half a year now. RedTrack Team has developed and maintained a high-load technology that handles big data volumes at ease. We and our users should not worry about downtimes and data losses. We like what RedTrack provides in terms of support, like personal account manager and video recordings with settings. So the partnership with this advanced tech platform looks simple and straightforward.

Irina K

Excellent company

I'm particularly happy with Redtrack.io because they invest the time to make sure that their solution works well for you. I use a somewhat unusual method of advertising, but the team spent several hours of their precious time to make sure their solution was fit for purpose. Furthermore, the tracker does not seem to be plagued with difficulties that I have experienced with other trackers, namely a deluge of spam traffic that renders other tools functionally useless. Redtrack blocks these spam bots at source, meaning you can focus on what you want: advertising and making money! Highly recommended.

Steve Paul