What is s2s tracking?

Server-side tracking (S2S) is a privacy-friendly and secure way to track your conversions.

This is a more viable alternative to pixel-tracking that ensures better quality of marketing data and compliance with privacy regulations.

Marketers turn to server-side tracking as a way to track marketing channels, have access to performance data, and analyze and optimize marketing activities towards better and more effective results.

Your unique ID generated during a server-side tracking will give you the data about the date & time of the conversion, as well as some other important variables like OS, browser, location, etc.

This data will allow you to optimize your marketing for better results.

Where server-side tracking is used?

This is a common ad tracking method for media-buyers, paid ads specialists, and digital marketers working in affiliate marketing, e-commerce, B2B, SaaS, and other niches.

Possibilities and limitations

Server-side tracking opens several possibilities for marketers:

  • Getting accurate and real-time conversion data from ad channels (like Meta Ads, TikTok Ads, Google Ads, etc.)
  • More security: you can ensure that the quality of the conversion data is high, as well as you comply with all the privacy regulations out there.
  • More flexibility: you can set up custom conversion events and control which even data is sent back to advertising channels for optimization.

Limitations of s2s tracking:

Usually this is a more exquisite tracking method when it comes to integrating it for your business. You will need a vetted software team, or a solution like RedTrack that will make the integration process smooth and fast.

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