What is browser cookie?

Cookie is basically a piece of code that saves data about your browsing history. There are various types of cookies that save different types of data.

For example, first-party cookies improve your browsing experience by saving your login data or pulling up a web page that would be more relevant to your search.And there are also third-party cookies, that are used to transmit personal data about the user (and usually is not used for good of the user).

That’s why privacy concerns appeared on the landscape of digital marketing and this industry is more and more regulated.

Future: with or without web cookies?

The world of marketing is definitely moving towards cookieless future. However, first-party cookies are still in use to ensure great experience.

Everyone working in marketing already adapted their strategy to NOT use third-party cookies and invest only in privacy-friendly tracking alternatives.

With RedTrack, you get cookieless tracking for your ads and 100% correct attribution.

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